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The Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina (PNSACV) is considered one of the richest of Portugal and Europe.

It has about 76,000 hectares, including a 2 km wide marine area from the north of Porto Corvo (in Sines/Alentejo) to Burgau (in Vila do Bispo/Algarve).

Walkin'Sagres operates in Sagres Biogenetic Reserve in the platform of southern PNSACV.

This natural park has an extensive coastline with sandy beaches, cliffs, small islands and rocks.

We can also find numerous water lines which include estuaries, rivers and streams.

It has a Mediterranean climate with strong sea influence, which bring us less cold winters and cooler summers.

In this natural park there are known about 750 plants. The endemic, rare or localized species ascend to 100.

We can also find plains (considered a rare biotope), temporary ponds (a priority habitat target with specific legislation and high level of protection), cliffs and forests.

Between September and October, Sagres sees the largest bird migration with more than 2000 individuals of different species. It is the only place known in the world where the White Stork nests on cliffs.

In Sagres, the average temperature is 16ºC and average rainfall is 400mm.

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walkinsagres? percursos o parque natural contactos