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Looking at the horizon we face a naked landscape... We must go further and approach. We need to smell, look, listen, feel ... go back and use our senses in a landscape only revealed when we dare to explore!

This is the challenge of Walkin'Sagres! Invite you to discover part of one of the largest nature reserves in Europe.

Walkin'Sagres is a tourism company that, in Sagres, conducts walks (enriched with historical, geological and cultural information and flora and fauna observation). We offer the opportunity to discover the natural and cultural wealth of Sagres village through peaceful and entertaining programmes.

Above all, we want to raise awareness for the richness of this natural park, quite forgotten and often treated badly, with pressure for development which would make it equal to the other Algarve, or Spanish coastline. We want you to enjoy this place and help us to preserve it!

All tours are conducted by Nature Guide Ana Carla Cabrita, Public Relations and originally from Sagres. Walkin'Sagres is a dream that began during a journey to Patagonia, Argentina in 2001 and was achieved in 2010. Over the past years, Ana participated in courses and workshops about flora, fauna, environment and hiking. For her, it was important to acquire the necessary knowledge to practice the activity. The passion for travel complemented her experience. She also has a First Aid Course in order to be up to any emergency situation.

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Walkin'Sagres possesses Permit 126/09, with recognition of Nature Tourism and the mandatory insurance regulations.


walkinsagres? percursos o parque natural contactos